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Maple Leaf x WOM Charcuterie Board

Maple Leaf x WOM Charcuterie Board

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"With my first EVER designed product my team & I wanted to put the easy back into entertaining! Simply follow the step by step instructions engraved on the board & you'll have the perfect appetizer board every time!" 

Handmade in Texas, we had this beautiful 30 x 10 maple wood board fired in the kiln until it reaches a deep walnut brown coloring then we finish it off with butcher block conditioner  so you could lay everything down directly on the board to enjoy, then simply wash it away at the end of the night. And this thermal ash board is as beautiful as it is functional, it's even hand stamped with our custom Waiting On Martha font.  

Give this gift to yourself, or to the host you love the most!" xo, Mandy & Team

The engraving is easily covered up once the board is completed, and we give plenty of suggestions & definitions to help you!

Engraving from left to right:
olives, vehicles (with suggestions for different crackers & breads), stinky cheese (with a listing of some of our favorite stinky cheeses), honey, sliced fruits (with suggestions of different fruits), salami with definition of salami, seasonal (with some ideas for seasonal foods), hard cheese (with a listing of some of our favorite hard cheeses), jam,  (with suggestions for different crackers & breads), soft cheese (with a listing of some of our favorite soft cheeses), nuts,  prosciutto with definition of prosciutto.

  • Size 30x10
  • Handmade in Texas
Upon receiving your board please wipe the board down with a damp rag. Because this board is fired numerous times in a kilm some of the ash is left on the board. This ash is completely non-toxic and 100% safe so not to worry. We simply don't want any of the residue coming off on your surfaces.

**Cheese & all accessories shown sold separately**

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